Miguel A.
Venice Beach, CA

Excellent service and excellent staff!I greatly appreciate that we can bring out sensitive documents to them and have them shredded, in-person, on-site, within minutes.

The cost is also very reasonable. I will be making a couple trips a year here 🙂

Joe J.
Mid-City West, Los Angeles, CA

Shred Time is the real deal.

12 banker boxes brimming with tax returns, bank statements, and trade confirms. Gone in 20 minutes. Shredded. And I watched it all.

Monica, Anna, and Oliver are all very service oriented. They were welcoming, focused, and efficient. And the price is very reasonable.

Philippe S.
Santa Monica, CA

Theses guys were great! Very friendly, helpful, fast and efficient.
You can shred all of your documents, even hard drives while you watch.
Thanks guys.

Merry G.
Los Angeles, CA

This place is great.
It’s kind of a drag to drive out to LAX, but well worth it.
I showed up, easily found parking in their lot, walked in, and was immediately helped by a woman standing by the door. She told me the prices and sent a guy out to my car with me to unload all my docs.
He brought it in, and they put it on a scale (with me present) and weighed it (90 pounds!)
Once that was done, I followed him back into the shredding room, where i watched him load every last page into the shredder.
It definitely gave me peace of mind to see it all shredded and mixed into a giant box of a billion other shreddings.
I walked back out front, paid the lady, and was back in my car 15 minutes after I had pulled up. Polite, friendly people, a fair price for the job, and done fast while you wait. What’s better than that? Thank you Shred Time!

Leo F.
Los Angeles, CA

What a life saver this place is.
I finally had to move out of my apartment and ended up with boxes of old banking/financial info stored in my closet. I was worried about how to destroy this info but thanks to Shred Time, it only cost me $20 bucks to watch it all go away safely.

Haley M.
Santa Monica, CA
What a great place! So nice, quick and everything exactly as promised. I had approximately 32 pounds (about 4 shopping bags worth) of shred and this took maybe five minutes from “hello” to “thanks so much”. I also wanted to watch the actual shredding of my exact stuff. Their staff was just sweet and so attentive. Highly highly recommend if you have let your shred pile up.

Barbara B.
Las Vegas, NV

If ya gotta Shred (and who doesn’t) then THIS is the place to go!
The prices are good but the service is superior! They understand how to handle things quick, easy and with a smile. Every person I’ve interfaced with has been friendly and efficient.
They deliver peace of mind with your confidential documents in such a pleasant fashion. What more could ya ask for?

Kim W.
Los Angeles, CA

Love this place! Every time I purge this is the first place I go to. Watch your stuff go bye bye forever :

Helena C.
Los Angeles, CA

This place is amazing! I am a personal assistant and my boss wanted me to get rid of old tax documents as well as some other things. I looked for the best price. We were thinking of just having a company come and pick it up but I like to save money even though my boss doesn’t care too much to do so. I was quoted $195 from a company to come and pick it up and take it to their facility to destroy it. I didn’t like that because I didn’t know for sure if my bosses documents would be destroyed for sure. I found this place. Put everything in my car and drove it to their LAX facility. I thought that it would have cost at least $200. It was only $70!!!!! I was shocked. How magnificent. The lady at the counter was nice a can be as well. The parking wasn’t that great for me. I guess a lot of employees that work in the same building as shred time is at all park their cars there. But a guy came out and took out everything that needed to be destroyed! I highly recommend this place. Well worth the trip!

Rachel S.
Los Angeles, CA

I can’t say enough about how fantastic this place is. It’s a little hard to find, a tiny little office down by the airport, but it’s completely worth the effort. We all have old checkbooks and paperwork that we were told to save for seven years and blah, blah, blah. But what do you do with it then?

Hubs and I have destroyed several paper shredders and decided just to take everything down and have it professionally shredded. An enormous box, shredded right in front of us, cost $20. Totally worth the cost! Also feel the need to mention, the man running the place was quite personable and polite!

Scott B.
Santa Monica, CA
I took about ten years worth of document there for shedding.. The staff carefully separated and shredded the whole kit and caboodle with a smile.. It was a very fair price for a lot of shredding and work on their part…

Jackie W.
Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA

Hooray! Finally was able to say good-bye to 14 years, 80 lbs, of my bf’s past of bills, bank statements, ex-gf stuff, etc. At $0.29 a pound, it was so worth it to have loads and loads of personal trash rid of at once. He attempted to shred the stuff himself, but that would be very time consuming and messy as we just moved to a new place together and need to carry a light load (in all essence).

The cost was only $24 for 80lbs, and the staff are nice and professional. They haul your shreddables for you and get to work right away. At first glance, I was a bit worried about their shred type, which was strips because it’s easily pieced back together by a determined identity theft, however they send the shreds to a company that further shreds and recycles into new paper. Big win!

Jeff T.
Austin, TX

What a great service! Quick and easy process — I will be using this company from here on out. You show up, they weigh out what you have, you pay .39cents a pound, and then they take you to the shredder and you can watch them shred it all. And the guy Oliver is the man!

Lucy Y.
Los Angeles, CA

It’s spring cleaning time & for me, that meant a whole lot of paperwork with account numbers and other personal information to get rid of. A little bit of research led me to Shred Time.

Here’s how my 10-ish minute experience here went today:

* Parked in their free lot
* Walked in, greeted by friendly Cliff
* Watched him weigh my paperwork
* Watched him shred all my stuff
* Paid
* Drove away, happy!

No appointment needed, and only a $20 minimum charge (39 cents/pound). Compared to other places that accept your sensitive docs & “confidentially store it for shredding”, this place offers ease AND peace of mind because they do it all in front of you.

Plus they recycle EVERYTHING.


Anaik L.
Los Angeles, CA

I had a great experience. i brought several boxes of documents for shredding, it took only10 minutes and everything was done in front of me. Cliff and his staff were very helpful and courteous. Their customer service is outstanding and their price super competitive.

Nina S.
Los Angeles, CA

I had 60 lbs of shredding to do and didn’t feel like spending an eternity feeding papers into our small home shredder (and likely burning it out). I had previously taken my shredding to Office Depot. It cost me 99 cents a pound and because I had more than 40 lbs of shredding, they had to ship it out to Iron Mountain. I had to trust them to send it out (Scouts honor), had to carry my box to the back room of Office Depot, and then spend time stuffing thin handfuls of paper into a slotted bin. Shred-Time carried my boxes for me, shredded them on the spot while I waited (super quickly) and cost less than half the cost of Office Depot. It was a tad tough to find the spot since there were a bunch of trucks in front of the entrance, but am glad I found this place!

Scott B.
South Bay, CA

Shred Time just gave me the most satisfying customer experience I’ve had in a long time. I can’t say enough about how exceptionally easy and fun it was to roll up with 80+ lbs of paper on a Sunday and watch it all disappear.

Cliff, the manager on duty, was so friendly and helpful. He put to rest our security concerns and wasted no time feeding our paper (plus 20 lbs of optical media) through their behemoth shredder. What great customer service. This guy deserves a raise!

Oh, and did I mention they’re open on Sunday?


J D.
Los Angeles, CA

I looked around at the various other well reviewed shredding services and after getting a few quotes, I found SHRED TIME to be the most competitive.

It was WELL WORTH THE DRIVE!!! The service was immediate, friendly, all of my materials were shred right in front of me, I was in and out in 15 minutes, and the cost was nearly $100 less than the quotes I received elsewhere. This is a well run business and I am extremely satisfied.

Jeff H.
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve got a personal shredder at home, but after moving I uncovered about five boxes of old paperwork that needed shredding. I checked only, and most of the places were pretty pricey. Shred-Time stood out as a good value, and it was only five miles away.

I drove up and the owner helped me unload my boxes, then weighed them. I had just over 100 lbs of paper to shred — more than I expected! There was another walk-in customer finishing their shredding — with over 400 lbs!

I had the opportunity to sit and watch them shred the material. The people were super-friendly and very helpful. The cost was just over $30 for me — well worth the time and effort driving a little further.

Two tips: there is a $20 minimum for each shredding job, and they offer free pickup if you have more than $40 worth of shredding.

I didn’t expect to have a great experience — after all, it’s “just a shredding company.” But I was pleasantly surprised. It was great! I’d easily recommend them to anyone in the area.

Uka A.
Los Angeles, CA

It was quite simple. I showed up with my boxes and Cliff, the manager, weighed everything and shredded it while I watched. The price was 0.39cts/lb and was posted on the website. I didn’t need to call, set up an appointment, and wait for a week as I would with other companies. Shred Time keeps it simple and affordable, and Cliff’s service was great.

Mic C.
Los Angeles, CA


Great, great place! Fast and efficient. Monica was professional, helpful and courteous! Will use again and recommend to friends!

Matina B.
Los Angeles, CA

what a great experience! monica absolutely rocks! it might be a little hard to find them once you go into the warehouse (ask anyone you see) but well worth the effort.
243 lbs of tax info sent to recycle heaven.

Jennifer B.
Los Angeles, CA

You guys are so great. I am never buying a shredder ever again.

Lani M.
Los Angeles, CA

SHRED & SHED feels great!

OUTSTANDING and EXCEPTIONAL service from the owners Oliver and Cliff. Shred Time is affordable and secure shredding!!

We have saved 27 years’ worth of documents both business and personal. It ended up being 32 bankers boxes of paper being stored and paid for at our storage facility.

I called at least 4 times with questions from will you come to my storage facility with the truck that shreds on the spot, will you helps me sort, will folders go in, what about spiral books and how about negatives…..the list and questions went on. Each time they were so polite and answered my questions.

Oliver suggested I have them pick the boxes up at our storage facility and that we follow them back to their location where the large monster shredder is. It would go faster and we would not be standing outside. We agreed and when I saw the monster shredder my husband looked at me and said “no you cannot have one”…LOL.

Oliver and Cliff showed up even early which was great, loaded the boxes into their van in what seemed like minutes and then we were off to their location. I stood in amazement watching everything be shred.

They also shred negatives and computer hard drives too.

Oliver and Cliff are incredible owners and other companies should take a page out of their book in being, honest with exceptional customer care!

I highly recommend you shred and shed as well!

Los Angeles, CA

Cliff was very incredibly friendly and helpful. He unloaded my bins of paper, weighed and shredding everything in front of me so that I was certain my info-sensitive documents were handled properly. Very affordable at $0.39 per pound! Thanks Shred Time!

Joshua G.
Westchester / LAX, Los Angeles, CA

Love this place. Watching years of old paperwork disappear before my eyes. Super friendly, super fast, super cheap!

Can’t recommend then highly enough!

Ernesto S.
Playa Del Rey, CA

Monica Salazar provided excellent customer service. I dropped off over 260 lbs of documents. Within minutes Monica and her assistant shredded it. I walked away with a great peace of mind.

Daniel R.
Los Angeles, CA

After years of having stored boxing of personal, financial information laying around, I finally decided it was time to get some professional help. I found Shred Time right here on Yelp. After reading the revues and the extremely competitive price of .29 cents a pound I decided to give it a shot. To my surprise it was even better than what I was expecting!!! I couldn’t believe I was so giddy over a shredder! This thing is industrial to the point they probably could handle all of Wall St’s dirty paper trails. They even have a hard drive crusher. What? It’s in your computer? No problem, bring it, it’s only $15 to destroy your computer entirely and everything on it. The whole thing took about 15 minutes for 100lbs of shredding, and there was a guy I was waiting for in front of me too. My girlfriend even thought it was cool. What made it even better was how pleasant the staff was; especially Ce’mone, who not only handles the phones, welcomed us at the door, but walked us back, put on gloves and did the shredding! She could not have been nicer and was also extremely professional. I would give this company 6 stars if I could. Go there for all your shredding needs and you will not be disappointed.

Nicholas M.
Santa Monica, CA

Very positive experience all the way round. Needed to shred multiple boxes worth of personal and business tax returns. Too much to carry to offsite location and too important to trash (and apparently illegal). Called Shred Time because of 1. Good Yelp reviews (but that’s not always a guarantee) 2. Located nearby. 3. Website.

Called Oliver. He understood my situation right away, quoted a very fair flat fee for 40 boxes ($120) for pick-up from my Public Storage location and for shredding. He was flexible on time and place (next day at the storage center ). On the day called in advance (driver was early and had to wait for me but no problem). The process of stacking up the 80 boxes (twice what I anticipated) and taking them down two floors in an industrial elevator, took about an hour. Truck was well marked, driver uniformed, affable and efficient.

Next day I texted in my credit card info. Oliver sent me back an invoice and a Certificate of Destruction. Charged $243, which seemed fair.

I don’t shred every day (actually every fifteen years), but I’d use Shred Time again, and recommend them to anyone else.

Brenda A.
Los Angeles, CA

Cliff truly understands customer service. One of the friendliest, eager to assist vendors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Prompt, professional service (he came to our office to pickup 40 boxes to be shredded) and was very fair with his pricing. He works hard to make customers happy. Highly recommend – their rates were not only less than other companies but the customer service is leagues better. Less expensive and a million times nicer to deal with? You can’t go wrong.

Lisa T.
Los Angeles, CA

I’m embarrassed to say that I had an abundant amount of paper. Nearly 100 lbs. I found Shred Time through Yelp. The experience was quick, easy and painless. The gentleman that assisted me unloaded my car, weighed the paper and guided me to the area to view the shredding process. The entire process took place in about 15 minutes. I would definitely recommend Shred Time.

Kathleen H.
North Hollywood, CA

Literally the best customer service ever. They were quick, efficient, polite, and gave us a great rate. They cleaned out two of our storage units and quickly destroyed sensitive document, as well as provided documentation that everything was shredded. Cliff is amazing!!!

Ms. Anne T.
Santa Monica, CA

So, this year I decided to get rid of as much stuff from my life as I could. Part of that process included getting rid of 25 years’ worth of personal documents — financial stuff, medical stuff, etc. After debating buying a shredder and doing it myself (a time-consuming process), I decided to outsource that task instead.

What a great idea that turned out to be. In five minutes, for 20 bucks, the very nice gentleman at Shred Time converted my three filing boxes of unwanted history to a big sack of shredded strips, while I watched. There is something so satisfying about watching it happen before your eyes…it’s downright cathartic.

The cost was 29 cents a pound, with a $20 minimum, but they also have a flyer you can use if you have smaller quantities. With the flyer, it’s more expensive per pound (39 cents) but the minimum is lower ($10).

They are open afternoons on weekends, and you don’t need an appointment. Just show up.

Greg G.
Van Nuys, CA

Very good service. Cliff came as promised with a helper and they carried all 40 boxes right from our office, and out to the truck. No more heavy lifting for me! They could not shred on the spot but promised to do it later, which was fine with us. And they even came back with our empty boxes (as requested).

Elena L.
Los Angeles, CA

Shred Time rocks! They are helpful, efficient and friendly. I arrived on a Friday afternoon with over a 100 pounds of documents that needed to be shredded. They immediately took my stuff, weighed it in front of me then began the shredding. I was out of there within 20 minutes. All of this on a Friday afternoon. Thank you Shred Time.

Victor D.
Los Angeles, CA

Fast, friendly and secure service.

If you need a lot of shredding done at once and live on the Westside (or anywhere in LA for that matter), this is your place. Price is very affordable and they do the shredding while you wait. You can even observe as they do it.

Culver City, CA

After having 23 lb of old documents shredded at my local UPS store ($1 per pound – ouch) I found Shred Time here at Yelp, and am SO glad. Oliver was friendly, professional, and efficient. He shredded my stuff as I watched (at the UPS store, they just leave it out in a bag for pickup) and told me it would be recycled, too. The location was easy to find and parking was no problem. I’m just getting started, Oliver, and will have lots more shredworthy stuff for you soon. 🙂

Tony F.
Redondo Beach, CA

Nice place Gr8 service Cliff was awesome to deal with a must for all your shredding needs…

Holly R.
Los Angeles, CA

These guys were fantastic! Open on Sunday. I wanted to get rid of four years’ worth of confidential documents. They shredded the docs right in front of me and told me the shreddings would also be recycled. It only cost me $20 bucks. So convenient. I highly recommend this business.

Derry W.
Santa Monica, CA

These guys were awesome. I took it to their warehouse down by LAX and they shredded my papers within 5 minutes. I’ll definitely go back.

karen b.
Los Angeles, CA

A friend recommended Shred Time when I told her I was looking for a good, secure shredding service, and am so grateful to her. Oliver was terrific, welcoming and very helpful. Cliff took our cart down to the giant shredder, seated us, and had us watch while he made quick work of years and pounds of paper. For a small additional fee, they double-shredded a big bag of medical and financial documents. Very cost-effective and customer friendly. I’ll be back.

K W.
Los Angeles, CA

I wish I would’ve searched for this place a long time ago. I had 2 huge garbage bags l of papers that needed to be shredded- probably close to 50-55 lbs of paper. They are available to come to your location and shred but I figured it would be easier and more budget friendly to just take the bags myself. I found the location, pulled up and was promptly greeted by one of the employees. They helped me take the bags onto the dock then into the facility. I stood right there and watched as they shredded all of my documents. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes! I paid $20 total. They accept cash, credit, debit and probably EBT cards too (Kidding).

I have a personal shredder at home but it would’ve taken hours if not days to shred all of that on my own. If you’re trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to gather up all your documents, papers, greeting cards or anything you have that you might not want to trash, trust me, this is the place to go. Don’t give it a second thought. I felt so much better knowing I got rid of all of the papers I’d been saving for years for fear of trashing them and having someone take my information. Make the time for Shred Time. Spread the word. I did search for other facilities but this was the most convenient place without any hassle. Oh and don’t get discouraged if you go to their website and have to leave a small amount of information before receiving a call. They will call you right back (I got a call within minutes). No harassing email messages or anything of the sort. Convenient and budget friendly and to top it all off the customer service was great!! Winning combination.
Thank you Shred Time. I’ll be back and I am spreading the word.

Tammy M.
South Bay, CA

Excellent Service! Oliver and Theresa were great. My fiance found this place for us and I took all of our old boxes of papers and it was so quick and easy and so affordable! I was very impressed and will defiantly refer to all my friends and clients to use. Place was very clean. Open 7 days a week. They even got everything out of my car for me and they shredded it in front of me in under 10 minutes and it was only $20. It was so quick and easy. 🙂 Thank you Oliver and Theresa!

Dava C.
Santa Monica, CA

The owner (Oliver) is really nice and helpful, they will shred everything while you watch if you want and everything they shred is also recycled. They charge $.29/pound with a $20 minimum or they will pick up for free for a $40 minimum (I brought in 4 file boxes full of stuff to be shred and it was a bit over 100 pounds for around $35 dollars). They weigh it in front of you and shred it in moments while I watched – highly recommend them! They also destroy/shred other items – old hard drives, VHS, DVDs etc though those cost a bit more. They are open every day of the week – very friendly, helpful staff and excellent service.

Michael M.
Los Angeles, CA

No hassle, very willing to accommodate client’s needs. Cliff picked up 20+ boxes from our office and had a great attitude. I highly recommend Shred Time if you have to do a lot of shredding.

Coenraad S.
Los Angeles, CA

Excellent, super-friendly service, quick in-and-out, shredded right in front of you, very reasonably priced! I highly recommend this place!

Ed Y.
Manhattan Beach, CA

Undependable! Drove there at 3:30 today. No one there despite posted hours until 4pm (on site and at store). Wasted my time.

Eileen C.
Los Angeles, CA

This place rocks!! 20 years of old files and phone bills etc. gone in 10 minutes. Staff super friendly and helpful. Place is clean. Rates are cheap. They even unload the boxes for you from your vehicle. I will never shred at home again! Thanks 🙂

mary p.
Los Angeles, CA

Excellent service with very helpful and friendly staff, great prices too.

Mysterion K.
Bainbridge Island, WA

Great place. Quick in & out, good price & they are genuinely appreciative. They made shredding 500+ pounds of paper painless. I’ll be using them again.

Thomas S.
Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic service, easy access/parking and Christina was great! So convenient, 4 banker boxes and 2 hard drives shredded/destroyed in under 30 minutes. No waiting-no hassles.

Jaime S.
Venice, CA

Great experience. Drove up, Cliff helped us unload our boxes of papers to shred, weighed them and then shredded them in front of us. We payed – only $.29/lb and were out within 10 minutes. AWESOME SERVICE! Recommend them highly!

Heather P.
Los Angeles, CA

Awesome place! I shopped for a shredding service online and got bunches of quotes to do about 6 boxes of documents for me and this place beat the pants off the competition. Their prices were the cheapest and they were the only place that would let me watch them shred. (Most places want you to leave your documents and trust that they will shred them.)

Felipe H.
Los Angeles, CA

Great promp service. I called same day and the truck was there within hours. Shreded 15 boxes in 10 minutes. Amzaing.

Wade A.
Los Angeles, CA

Quick, welcoming, and open on the weekend – just the place to get rid of all my crap! Helped me get it out of my car, too.

Mi T.
Long Beach, CA

quick service!

Chew B.
San Francisco, CA

Great business and service. I was looking for a place that would shred a small amount (3 file boxes) and let me watch the shredding happen. I figured that since I’m going to the trouble of shredding I may as well be sure that it actually happens. The cost for 3 full file boxes ended up around $25 ($0.39 per pound for 65 pounds). I was able to just drop in during business hours, although calling in advance probably makes sense.

I know they also have a mobile service that comes to you, and they also will destroy hard drives, and video tapes/DVDs and that kind of thing.

Very highly recommended. I was even inspired to post this, even though I haven’t used Yelp in years.

Jayne G.
Santa Monica, CA

It was time to purge the filing cabinet contents. I called around to several places to price (1) a one-time bin rental (way too expensive), (2) having the papers picked up, or (3) dropping them off to be shredded. Found the closest location with the best price (29 cents with a $20 minimum–reasonable) at Shred-Time. Filled up two big plastic trash bags and one box. Wondered if I would make the minimum, but figured $20 was worth the price of the purge either way. Drove to Shred-Time (near LAX) and was greeted by Oliver as I was getting out of my car. He suggested I back the car up to the dock. We unloaded and were invited inside where Oliver weighed my papers. Nearly 74 pounds!! Immediately after weighing, Oliver’s coworker started shredding. Less than 10 minutes later, it was all done and I went into the office to settle the bill. (where I found two adorable little girls playing on the computer and giggling! So cute!) Judging by the weight, I should have been charged $21.46, and then you figure there will hidden fees or tax or something, but Oliver said, “Just $20.” Wow! I couldn’t have been happier with the entire process! I highly recommend Shred-Time and will be talking them up to EVERYONE I know! Did I mention they recycle everything? Awesome!