Shred time offers a customer WALK-IN and witness shredding service at our facility and there is NO appointment and NO call needed, simply just walk-in. We shred instantly as YOU WATCH! The following are the very simple steps for our walk-in service;
  • We have plenty of parking and a Shred-time loading dock to unload  your materials
  • We assist you with all the unloading
  • We weigh all your materials with a certified weighing scale
  • You WATCH as we shred all your materials away
  • Our price is ONLY 0.39cts/ pound with a $20 minimum
  • Open 7 days a week!
  • Super-friendly and efficient staff members
  • Quick IN and OUT service
All shredded materials are then put in lockable containers and picked up by a very reputable recycling company for immediate recycling. None of your shredded materials are sent to landfills.
Paper Recycling Programme
In addition to our secure document destruction service, Shred-Time offers (in conjunction with a reputable recycling partner) a paper recycling service of all non-confidential office paper that does not require shredding. This helps improve the efficiency and space in your home or office. This includes printed copy paper, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, catalogs, phone books etc. However, metal, plastic, cardboard, adhesives and other paper contaminants are to be kept off.
How it works:
  • Free Drop off – you can drop off all your unneeded office/home paperwork to our facility and pay NO fees. We have an accessible facility and will assist you in uploading.
  • Pick Up & Containers – For a nominal fee; we can pick up your all non-confidential paperwork from your office, home or storage facility in any stored form. Alternatively, we can provide you with containers, which you can fill up; we then collect them and take to your facility. They are then emptied in to our recycle line ready for direct shipment to our recycling partners.
All collected material is broken down into paper pulp and then used to make new paper products
Benefits of Paper Recycling:
  • Saves considerable landfill space
  • Reduces energy and water consumption
  • Extends the fiber supply and contributes to carbon sequestration
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency:
  • More paper is recovered in America for recycling than all other materials combined (except for steel).
  • AF&PA reported that in 1988, about 25 percent of the raw materials used at US paper mills was recovered paper. In 1999, according to AF&PA, that figure rose to 36.3 percent and has remained around.
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